How To Save Flipboard Articles On Evernote.

Flipboard and Evernote are amongst my favorite iPad apps. I love reading on Flipboard, and keeping the articles on Evernote is something I often do. There are quite a few people who want to do the same.

Evernote provides Twitter integration, and I thought why not make use of it? This may not be the best solution (let me know if you have a better one), but who cares as long as it does what you need.

The entire process won’t even take more than 5 minutes of your time. Here, are 5 easy steps to do so:

1. Log in to your Twitter account and start following @myEN. myEN lets you save tweets into your Evernote account.

2. @myEN starts following you back and sends you a DM (direct message) on Twitter. This message contains a link.

3. Click on the link inside DM and connect your Twitter and Evernote accounts.

4. Open Flipboard and go to the article you wanna save.

5. Share the article via Twitter and append the tweet with @myEN mention.

And its done! Here is how it looks in your Evernote account.

Published by Rahul Gulati

Product Manager building an IoT-based mobile marketing platform. I ❤︎ startups, , podcasts, classic rock, Scorsese, non-fiction & traveling. Lifelong-learner.

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